You are currently viewing Misconception Key Urdu Lessons from Best Quotes #1

Misconception Key Urdu Lessons from Best Quotes #1


There was a misconception that everyone is with me.
Once I looked back, I found that my own shadow was only on the journey with me.

Ghalat Fahmi thi ke sab apne hain, Peechey dekha tho apna he saya hum safar nikla

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غلط فہمی تھی کے سب اپنے ہیں
پیچھے دیکھا تو اپنا ہی سایہ ہم سفر نکلا

एक गलत धारणा थी कि हर कोई अपना है।  पीछे मुड़कर देखा तो यात्रा से उसकी अपनी परछाई निकली।

quotes meaning in urdu?

The word “quotes” in English translates to “اقتباسات” in Urdu. In Urdu, the term refers to statements or passages that are repeated or cited from a source. Quotes often carry wisdom, inspiration, or convey a specific message, and they are commonly used in various forms of communication, including literature, speeches, and everyday conversations. In Urdu, quotes are often appreciated for their depth and the insights they offer.